Upcoming events at the museum of the coastal bend

Hands-On History: Colonization Live!

Come by the museum to learn about colonization and try your hand at activities such as picking the best water source, loading your wagon, and finding resources.

Collections Workshop Preserve Your Treasures: Photograph

In this workshop, participants will work one-on-one with Elizabeth Neucere, MCB’s Exhibits and Collections Manager, to learn how best to care for their photographs. This event is FREE for museum members and $10 for the public. Advance registration is required by Wednesday, September 26. Call (361) 582-2434.

Gault and the Peopling of the Americas

Presented by Dr. Clarke Wernecke, Executive Director of The Gault School of Archaeological Research at Texas State University, San Marcos. When, and how, the first people came to the Americas is currently under debate. The Gault Archaeological Site, 40 miles north of Austin, is contributing to this current debate with 150,000+ artifacts from a culture that dates to 16,000 years ago. In his presentation, Wernecke will discuss both our past and present understandings of Peopling of the Americas and the impact of the world-renowned Gault Site on this ongoing paradigm shift.

Hands-On History: Archaeology

Stop by the museum to learn more about what it is archaeologists do and what the artifacts they uncover can tell us about the past. Make your own "pottery puzzles" and try out an atlatl on the front lawn.

From a ‘Ladies Auxiliary’ to a Driving Force for Women’s Rights: The Ladies of the American GI Forum

Presented by Dr. Anthony Quiroz, Coordinator of the Mexican American Studies Program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Quiroz discusses his latest research into the role of women with the American GI Forum, a national civil-rights organization birthed in South Texas that works to secure equal rights for Hispanic Americans and particularly Hispanic veterans.

Home School Class: Archaeology Madness

This class is designed for home school students grades 3-7. Students will work together to learn about what it is archaeologists do and why archaeology is important. This session will focus on basic archaeological concepts such as stratigraphy. $10 per student ($8 for museum members). Parents/guardians are free. No drop-offs please. Registration deadline is the Saturday before each class. For more information or to register, call (361) 582-2559 or email amanda.lanum@victoriacollege.edu.

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