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Oct 12 JOHN W. STORMONT LECTURE John Kittredge and the American Civil War

5:30 p.m.
John W. Kittredge, a Yankee captain, blockaded the coast of Texas from Matagorda to Corpus Christi during the American Civil War. Norman C. Delaney discusses Kittredge’s career as a merchant captain before the Civil War; his attack on Corpus Christi in August of 1862; his capture soon afterward; his court martial for beating up one of his sailors; and his post-war career. Delaney is an authority on Civil War naval history, and was the US Naval Institute’s Author of the Year for 2011. He taught history at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi for forty years before his retirement in 2006. Free and open to the public.

Where Texas History Began